France's Art School

In 2002, France founded her art school in Kanata (Ottawa). She enjoys sharing her passion for art and her knowledge with both children and adults. Her program is a carefully planned progression, starting with the basic drawing skills and building upon this foundation, in a way similar to classical art schools.

As the students develop, they will be introduced to advanced drawing techniques, life drawing, perspective and life portraiture.  They will study color, composition and textures.  Graphite pencils and coloured pencils are used to learn and practice all of these fundamental skills. Then more advanced concepts can be learned in drawing, coloured pencil painting and acrylic painting.

Private lessons are offered to adults, and are available twelve months a year. For children and teenagers, both private and semi-private classes are offered.  As the abilities of young artists vary considerably because of past experience, rate of development and age, France develops an individualized program for each, and each student is progressing at her/his own rate. The minimum age to join the classes is 7 years old.  The children/teenager classes are offered 10 months a year, from September to June, during the week after school, between 3:00-7:00 pm, on Sunday morning and on Tuesday evenings from 8:45-9:45 pm. Classes can be offered on demand during the Summer as well.

The classes are held in France's home studio, filled with natural light and decorated with original artwork.

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